A breezy sweaty Sunday. What would you do on a Sunday morning?

There are some people who just wish to stay at home and have a relaxing weekend but we chose another way to spend our Sunday morning!
After the past orienteering experience with my dearest girlfriends, I was like addicted to it and so when I saw the ad of the Hong Kong Water Race 2013, I didn’t hesitate to join!
Was planning to form a 3 Chun’s team but it has to be a mixed gender team so we formed another team soon.

WOKE UP AT 6 A.M. and waking up the others- what a good start of a Sunday morning.
Can’t stop guffawing when we cut the sleeves for the boys and watched them putting the sleeveless on.
So cute! This is probably the most harmonious picture of the day;)
Two of the 3 Chun. Gear up for the race!
Wandering around Tin Shui Wai (the pathetic city in Hong Kong), we did a great job with finishing 14 check points out of 20.
Not bad huh?
Staying with my old asses friends is just different from that with new friends.
LOVE YOU ALL chicken-wing-like-sleeved(sleeveless) team.
End my lovely weekend with a delicious Taiwanese meal in Yuen Long.

“Do what you love and love what you do.”

chiara sign


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