First weekend in Beijing

What is the best thing to do on a Friday night?
Probably a night out at Sanlitun Bar Street.
Mojito costs only RMB 15 and there are many other choices.
You will see a different side of Beijing, its like Lan Kwai Fong in Hong Kong.

A hangover Saturday.
We ordered a McDonald’s delivery- too lazy to go outside.
And watched TV programmes on AXN for a whole afternoon.
Spending some time downstairs reading books, listening to music and sunbathing was such a joy. 
We did some exercise- FINALLY doing some exercise after dinner.
We played like kids, sometimes just a simple thing can make you smile.
Life is that simple, don’t make it so complicated.

We went skiing indoor on Sunday.
Does it sound weird doing skiing in summer time?
Whatever, it was my first try!
We learnt snowboard for two hours and played for another two hours.
The last good meal was my hometown food.
Having a loveable weekend credits to the Cheung’s family!

Love life,
chiara sign


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