This stop Inner Mongolia: Embrace the nature

Staying in Beijing for two weeks makes my nose getting worse.
As I first step out the train station, I immediately took a deep breathe.
That is so amazingly refreshing!
But then the chilling weather woke me up, I just had my shorts on me.
Hohhot, the main city of Inner Mongolia, Kuku-Khoto in Mongolian, means ‘green city’.
It is a bit different from my imagination.

We had a traditional breakfast before heading to the grassland, which has around 90 km away the city.
The guide told me they usually have mutton ‘siu mai’ for breakfast.
I can only tell that you will like it very much if you like gaminess, but definitely not for me.
Endless road and hills is all I can see on the way to the grassland.
Butt I feel a bit upset for the nature, it is damaged for development and tourists.
Somehow I wish I am visiting a rural raw place, rather than a developed place.
First try on house-riding with a reasonable price, for students, credits to our lovely guide.
Feel the freedom riding on a horse, feel the breeze when it is galloping,
and you will find how fascinating the nature is.
But it is inevitable to see the horses are keeping in a tiny area,compared to the grass they ised for tourists and it’s kinda cruel.
They belongs to the nature.
Had a morning nap and dinner afterwards.
It is good to have so much vegetables here, even more than that I have in Beijing.
A kind of campfire thing at night- traditional dance and song performance.
We were dancing like crazy, like nobody is around us.
Thanks god, we ended the night with a stunning sky full of stars.
This is what you cannot see and feel in a cosmopolitan city.

After a 4-hour-long journey, we finally arrived the desert which I once had great expectation on it.
But I was disappointed by its commercialization and it’s much a tourist spot.
We were almost like forced to pay near 300 yuan to try the ‘tourist thingy’.
Camel riding- I am not doing it again cos it’s fucking cruel.
Sand surfing- Finished within 1 minute, so not exciting.
Another 3-hour-long journey to go back to Hohhot.
The returning journey was a lot better, at least there are no noisy people.

I was attracted to the stunning landscape, that I had never seen.
Meanwhile, I swear I am not joining any local tour anymore.
Backpacking is my way to go travel in the rest of my life.


No more tours,
chiara sign


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